4 Jul 2017

Suspicious Partner / Love in Trouble (2017)

I hate dramas with sappy love stories and korean dramas are full of it. Suspicious Partner is an exception. An exception because I happened to like it. Yeah, I'm biased like that.

It's still very formulaic. Korean dramas know their audience, so why mess with the colonel's recipe? Formulaic, that is, plots that have been reused so many times as to be easily recognizable. Heroine with a sad backstory but is still with cheerful attitude towards life, hero with a cool-ish character, and, you guessed it, also with a sad backstory . Same ol', same ol'.

But it's carefully crafted, and the characters were well developed. One thing you can commend korean dramas for is that they know their characters and they don't take them for granted. They did thorough research, no doubt. A. Aida Production boleh tolong belajar sedikit sebanyak, ya.

This is a legal drama, mixed with unrequited love storyline. I am gonna forego the legal/thriller aspects of this drama because it deserved another thread to be discussed.

This is also a story about failed dreams, heartbreaks and lesson of letting go. I like strong heroine and our heroine made up the list. When life pushed her down, she pushed back up. When she hits rock bottom, she climbed back up again.

Ted Mosby once said, 'Sometimes things had to fall apart to make way for better things'. Let things run its course and don't force it. Both of our main characters have had tragic break-ups in the past, and were both broken. They met after that. Had they met earlier, will they or won't they still be into each other? Will they be the same person as the day they met? We don't know. So there goes, while relationship is all about love, attraction, chemistry, loyalty... it's also about timing. And I applaud the show for the character growth. Good job, show.

And most importantly, know when to let go, and rise above. Our heroine didn't let anything to stop her from becoming a lawyer. Granted, she opened her own law firm and failed to keep it in business. Our hero resigned from his dream job as prosecutor and become a lawyer, a profession he initially despises. Because lawyers 'defended' guilty people. (Really, show?)

Thing is, they know when to let go of things they hold dearly but can't keep. What they kept was the perseverance to live. Things happen. Tears get shed. Hearts get broken. Tak perlu salahkan sesiapa. Somewhere, someone is also facing it. Maybe they had it worse. You should move on, sebab hakikat hidup memang macam tu. Ada benda kita dapat, ada benda kita kena let go. What makes you... you, isn't what already happened, but what you did after. And whatever you do, whoever you become, don't let they change the fundamental values you had within. Always do the right thing. Easier said than done, but do it anyway.

18 Jun 2017

The one that got away

Robin: If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing. 
Ted: What's that? 
Robin: Timing. But timing's a bitch

Father's Day

Thank you for being there when I was born and thank you for loving me when I was growing up.

So much we've been through, not one day have I ever doubt your love.

10 May 2017

Here's why I think '13 reasons why' should not be celebrated

It's a teen drama, to be honest. But with heavier issue; teenage suicide. Teenage suicide is a thing. Any show that tried to talk about this issue deserved a credit, and that includes '13 reasons why'. And I'm gonna give it to 13 reasons why. 

I just don't think it's groundbreaking. I don't think this is how we should tackle the issue of  teenage suicide. Let me give one major premise. Suicide won't solve your problem. It just meant you won't be facing the problem and the anger, hurt and chaos that comes with it. But the problem is still there. And you're not. That's it. 

The 'other people' ( i.e. the reasons you decided to end your life) would still keep living. The jerks are still there. They're not gonna have empathy or understand how much hurt they've caused you that you finally decided to end your life. Because they're jerks. And that's how jerks behave.

Hannah left a series of tapes explaining why she ended her life. Every tape dedicated to one person, which means every tape is dedicated to one particular reason she ended her life. But not one tape is dedicated to her own self. Which is weird, because the only person who made the decision to end her life is none other than her, Hannah Baker. How can she not be at fault? That's one of big mistakes this show had done. Hannah blames everything but herself. When the Counsellor didn't reach for her after she stormed out of his office, it's a sign that she should end her life. I couldn't get the logic behind this. Are millennials that self-entitled? 

I know we should reach for people who have tendencies to commit suicide. That's the right thing to do. And I applaud this show (via their character Clay Jensen) for sending this message. This is one right thing this show had done. Reach out to people who you feel are in trouble. Let the human in you live.  

But, let me be clear, if you decided to take your own life, take responsibility. You felt that you couldn't take it anymore and that's why you ended your life. Any other person is not responsible for the decision you make, only you are. Letters, suicide notes or even 13 tapes containing all the reasons you took this decision, are meant for comfort to the loved ones you left behind. Nothing more, nothing less. You won't achieve anything by romanticizing suicide because in the end of the day, you are simply running away from all the problems, but the decision is exclusively yours.

4 May 2017

This bright girl is a mum!

Her and her 'refreshing' limau ais

 Afiq and Arsyad are your happiness now and I wish you nothing but happiness, Moon. I really do.

28 Apr 2017


A person who won't reflect on himself is a failure. This is such a strong statement but I believed in this notion. Self reflection is for learning purposes and if you don't learn, you won't improve as a person. It gives your mind a pause amidst the chaos in your life and gives yourself a chance to ponder upon what different approach you could have taken given another opportunity to repeat situation.

I haven't done this for quite some time. To be honest, I am too tired for that. Too old to care. 

I want to do something meaningful, and yet too lazy to put effort into that. That is depressing. 

I don't even remember why I am writing this. You have a problem, girl. Go freshen up.

9 Apr 2017


If I were to have superpower, I want to personally punished those referees who made bad decisions during a game. Be it incompetency, bribery or whatever reason you could think of. This is in solidarity with T-Team who was denied three points in 97th minute. #TteamVSPerak. You incompetent brat. 😡 😡

And of course, world peace. I want a superpower to end wars too. And wanting cats to worship me. yeah, that too.

I don't want to grow up.

How I wish things don't need to get complicated. Can't we just be babies? Not kids. Because kids also have their political games. Don't you remember being 8 and had to lobby to become part of them cool kids. Or is it just me. ah well. 

Be nice to others. Be nice without expecting anything in return. That means if you be nice to someone, and they stabbed you in the back, you don't regret being nice to them in the first place. And that's why keikhlasan is so damn priceless.

Be nice to yourself. If you don't, nobody else will. 

And if anything went south, listen to Mr. Penguin from Madagascar;

Smile and wave.  Just smile and wave.

1 Jan 2017

Well hello 2017.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
-The Rembrandts-

#feeling crappy one day, and happy the next.
#Saying "I've got this" and still messed things up afterwards.
#Am still learning being a proper adult. 
#I just realized (and officially acknowledged) I have two different personalities being in two different circle of people. Timid and indecisive, and controlling / straight up annoying.
#Can't believe I'm about to be 27. Freaking 27.

24 Oct 2016


Terengganu to be relegated to Premier League next year.

So that's happening.

"it's just football" . No it's not just football.

BRB. heartbroken. frustrated. hurt. All in one