10 May 2017

Here's why I think '13 reasons why' should not be celebrated

It's a teen drama, to be honest. But with heavier issue; teenage suicide. Teenage suicide is a thing. Any show that tried to talk about this issue deserved a credit, and that includes '13 reasons why'. And I'm gonna give it to 13 reasons why. 

I just don't think it's groundbreaking. I don't think this is how we should tackle the issue of  teenage suicide. Let me give one major premise. Suicide won't solve your problem. It just meant you won't be facing the problem and the anger, hurt and chaos that comes with it. But the problem is still there. And you're not. That's it. 

The 'other people' ( i.e. the reasons you decided to end your life) would still keep living. The jerks are still there. They're not gonna have empathy or understand how much hurt they've caused you that you finally decided to end your life. Because they're jerks. And that's how jerks behave.

Hannah left a series of tapes explaining why she ended her life. Every tape dedicated to one person, which means every tape is dedicated to one particular reason she ended her life. But not one tape is dedicated to her own self. Which is weird, because the only person who made the decision to end her life is none other than her, Hannah Baker. How can she not be at fault? That's one of big mistakes this show had done. Hannah blames everything but herself. When the Counsellor didn't reach for her after she stormed out of his office, it's a sign that she should end her life. I couldn't get the logic behind this. Are millennials that self-entitled? 

I know we should reach for people who have tendencies to commit suicide. That's the right thing to do. And I applaud this show (via their character Clay Jensen) for sending this message. This is one right thing this show had done. Reach out to people who you feel are in trouble. Let the human in you live.  

But, let me be clear, if you decided to take your own life, take responsibility. You felt that you couldn't take it anymore and that's why you ended your life. Any other person is not responsible for the decision you make, only you are. Letters, suicide notes or even 13 tapes containing all the reasons you took this decision, are meant for comfort to the loved ones you left behind. Nothing more, nothing less. You won't achieve anything by romanticizing suicide because in the end of the day, you are simply running away from all the problems, but the decision is exclusively yours.

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