4 Jul 2017

Suspicious Partner / Love in Trouble (2017)

I hate dramas with sappy love stories and korean dramas are full of it. Suspicious Partner is an exception. An exception because I happened to like it. Yeah, I'm biased like that.

It's still very formulaic. Korean dramas know their audience, so why mess with the colonel's recipe? Formulaic, that is, plots that have been reused so many times as to be easily recognizable. Heroine with a sad backstory but is still with cheerful attitude towards life, hero with a cool-ish character, and, you guessed it, also with a sad backstory . Same ol', same ol'.

But it's carefully crafted, and the characters were well developed. One thing you can commend korean dramas for is that they know their characters and they don't take them for granted. They did thorough research, no doubt. A. Aida Production boleh tolong belajar sedikit sebanyak, ya.

This is a legal drama, mixed with unrequited love storyline. I am gonna forego the legal/thriller aspects of this drama because it deserved another thread to be discussed.

This is also a story about failed dreams, heartbreaks and lesson of letting go. I like strong heroine and our heroine made up the list. When life pushed her down, she pushed back up. When she hits rock bottom, she climbed back up again.

Ted Mosby once said, 'Sometimes things had to fall apart to make way for better things'. Let things run its course and don't force it. Both of our main characters have had tragic break-ups in the past, and were both broken. They met after that. Had they met earlier, will they or won't they still be into each other? Will they be the same person as the day they met? We don't know. So there goes, while relationship is all about love, attraction, chemistry, loyalty... it's also about timing. And I applaud the show for the character growth. Good job, show.

And most importantly, know when to let go, and rise above. Our heroine didn't let anything to stop her from becoming a lawyer. Granted, she opened her own law firm and failed to keep it in business. Our hero resigned from his dream job as prosecutor and become a lawyer, a profession he initially despises. Because lawyers 'defended' guilty people. (Really, show?)

Thing is, they know when to let go of things they hold dearly but can't keep. What they kept was the perseverance to live. Things happen. Tears get shed. Hearts get broken. Tak perlu salahkan sesiapa. Somewhere, someone is also facing it. Maybe they had it worse. You should move on, sebab hakikat hidup memang macam tu. Ada benda kita dapat, ada benda kita kena let go. What makes you... you, isn't what already happened, but what you did after. And whatever you do, whoever you become, don't let they change the fundamental values you had within. Always do the right thing. Easier said than done, but do it anyway.

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